Monday, November 29, 2010


Our group all made one of these to hang on our doors , will get a pic of all of them at our chrismas party
Its very hot here in W.A. we are trying to swap half of melbournes rain with half our heat .. would be good if that would happen .... christmas shopping today , note to oneself dont take 3 year old granchild she cost me a fortune. She tells me what I need to buy.. i definatly needed caramellos cauae she likes them .. I told her the other kids like choc frogs she said just get both then .. then she needed a nerf gun to shoot her uncle Damien, lucky its her birthday in a few days ..

Thursday, November 18, 2010

thanks sue for my lovely gift I hope you enjoy mine , it has been posted so check your mail
here is my beauiful teddy, I love it, thank you so much it is lovely
this is one of my grandchildren, Courtney. I have 4 girls all of them not interested in crafts of any kind, but i have courtney to teach she loves craft days learning to folkark knit and she has a little sewing machine to learn on

Friday, November 5, 2010

yeee haaa wooo hooo all my pif are finished just a few minor things to be done I hope you all like them.. its a bit daunting trying to work out things to , but its all done Iam going away for a weeks holiday, of down to Augusta, do a bit of 4x4 driving and relaxation and winerys ect ... so will send them of next week. look in the post then