Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hi everyone just trying to get my head around blogging will have to get 10 yr old granchild to help, haven't put anymore pics ect up had the misfortune of breaking my foot for the second time in 4 mnths so out of commission for another 6-7weeks. and all this after major heart surgery grrr never mind things will get better.

I have a lovely shed in the back yard, named "The girls shed" by my partner, he took his mum out there to show her what a girls shed looked like, hence the name.
I have a group of ladies that patchwork tues night and another group of ladies that paint (folk art) on wednesdays and thursdays.
anyway looking forward to learning more and more

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  1. I wanna come play in the girls shed! Sorry you've broken your foot again....stop kicking the sewing machine pedal so hard hun! Hugs Naomi