Monday, March 1, 2010

another project yet unfinished grrr have a bad habit of starting lots then not finishing end up with a lot of WIP will have to have a week doing WIP's, I have lots


  1. You and me both! I lot of my unfinished projects are that way because: 1) They haven't turned out so good. 2) Stuck in a stage I dont know how to complete! lol

    Or lost interest as some other project looked more enticing!

  2. Sue, I've just discussed this in the online CRAFT group I'm in...and we've come to the conclusion that we all didn't go to class the day it was explained we should be starting and finishing each project as we WIP or UFO's are good though, coz some days you just don't feel like doing machine sewing perhaps and you can go to your UFO's and find something else you do feel like doing, and eventually you finish them off.....or you just start more, which is what I seem to do...YIKES! Hugs Naomi